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Ascent Cad Services
ACS is a CAD DRAFTING company registered office situated at Hyderabad INDIA. We provide Outsourcing with high quality and low cost service that fits seamlessly into your business. Our team consists of experienced Engineers and skilled CAD Engineers providing various Technical Design & Drafting services for architectural (both Residential & Commercial) Structural, Mechanical, Telecom Towers and Construction documents, Utility plans, site maps, sections, elevations to our clients across the Globe. We have good working experience on International projects from Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland & India etc.
Our Mission
“To achieve client Satisfaction and Services provided has ensured our strong professional relationship with our Clients. We also have the capability to train and increase the number of our team strength”
Our Infrastructure
120 Workstations and High-speed data communication lines
Dedicated leased line (DLL) for high speed Internet access
Windows 2012 Advanced Server , FTP Back-up Server For quick large file transferes
Online data backup server for data secure
Uninterrupted power supply with back-up UPS , We use Project Management System (PMS) to manage the projects effectively And generate the report to keep improving the quality
Our pricing
We also provide Designing & Drafting services on hourly basis as well as project wise and monthly fixed salary wise as the case may be. The Basic Conversion Services we provide allows your existing hardcopy drawings to be 100% fully MANUALLY drafted into CAD, to match the original drawn sheets accurately.
24 hours of Broadband Internet connectivity coupled with secure data transfer protocols provides speed and the highest level of security to our clients & 24 hours availability to clients for communications for quick instruction on projects.


We offer drafting services in AutoCAD, Archicad, Vectorworks, Revit and Architectural Desktop. The working drawings in CAD can also be provided based on available Sketches with minimum detail and Design Specifications.

We do Architectural drawing on follwing Modules


In PC (Paper conversions) we do the drawings same as in Paper plans, Hand sketches or Old images with accurate measurements and details. we also do PC drawings for renovation works of existing buildings.


In LAAD (Local Authority Approval Drawings) we do the drawings as per the required standards with specific building codes, more accuracy details which needed for the approval of government.


In WD (Working Drawing) we do the drawings with more accuracy details like measurements, construction materials which needed for constructions at site with required standards used for builder or contractor to build house.

We will provide following Architectural plans
* Situation or site plans
* Excavation plans
* Floor plans
* Section Views
* Elevation Views
* Sewerage plans
* Details section views(DSV)
* Windows details
* Stair details
* Sanitary details
* Roof details and Roof plans. etc..


About us:

We have good working experience on designing of wood building’s structural elements Our Mission is to achieve client Satisfaction and Services provided and ensured our strong professional relationship with our Clients. Our team consists of experienced Engineers and skilled Designers providing various Technical Design services. We also have the capability to train and increase the number of our team strength

Structural Services:

We do Structural Designs for Roof framing, Wall Framing & Floor Framing with using EWP products. We can also provide 3D model views. We can do Structural designs for Residential & Commercial buildings. We will provide structural layouts by analysis of design, Design Calculation reports and material list of the framing. For every building, We require Architectural plans, sections, Elevations and details from our clients. We are using Mitek, CS-Build and Alpine software to design.

We use structural members (EWP products) in wood buildings in Floor Framing, Wall Framing &Roof framing.

Floor framing :

Floor framing is a combinations of Joists, Beams, OSB sheeting, Rim board and connectors. It will carries entire load of above floor, wall & Roof loads.

Wall Framing :

Walls are made with wooden studs,If we use these studs in wall framing then these will known as studs, If we use these in floor framing then these are joists, If we use these in roof framing then these are rafters or conventional framing. Wall framing included with Double top plates, studs, windows & Door headers, king studs, cripples, sill plate, sole or bottom plate.

Roof Framing :

Roof framing is a combinations of trusses, truss girders, rafters, OSB sheeting and connectors. It will cover & protect the building from all the atmospheric aspects. It carries the weight of roof deck, wind loads and snow loads on the top chord.

SPF Materials :

we use these SPF members for landing in stair cases, above porches and as rafters in roof framing. These are natural single wood piece.


We use these I shaped joists in floor system and also as rafters in roof system. These are human made wooden joists.

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL):

Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is an engineered wood product that uses multiple layers of thin wood assembled with adhesives. It offers several advantages over typical milled lumber: it is stronger, straighter, and more uniform. They are typically used for headers, beams and edge-forming material.

Rim Board:

Rim board is a closer wooden material In the framing of a deck or building, a rim joist is the final joist that caps the end of the row of joists that support a floor or ceiling. A rim joist makes up the end of the box that comprises the floor system.

OSB sheathing:

OSB (Oriented strand board) sheathing is a structurally-engineered board made of compressed wood. Often used to cover walls, sub floors and roof decking

Hangers or connectors:

A metal connectors used to support the end of a floor joist and attached with hardened nails to another bearing joist or beam.

Work procedure :

Inputs: We will take scope of work, architectural and structural information. First we will do Pre-Process for every project,we will review & analyse entire building for load distribution. Then we model the project in software and will design every structural elements. In designing of any object we will review the calculation reports ensure that all the reactions.

Out puts:

After completion of structural design, we will provide structural layout with details of connections and with material, Calculation reports for each EWP products.


World wide services



1. What is your normal working hrs?

A. We normally work round the clock in 3 shifts, 6 days a week.

2. How do you charge, per hour or project?

A. It depends on the way you want it to be. We can charge on per hour or per project or per man month basis whichever is most convenient to you.

3. What are your typical payment terms?

A. The typical payment terms, monthly or fortnightly depends on the invoice amount. For 1-off projects below $500, we request to be paid on completion of projects.

4. What modes of payment do you accept?

A. We accept wire transfer to our bankers in India or PayPal. Payments can be made in US Dollars.

5. Would you be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

A. Yes

6. What will be the mode of delivery?

A. It depends which mode is easy to access by the client. It could range from FTP or e- mail.

Cad Services

1. How do we communicate on an everyday basis?

A. The project manager/Team Lead is available on e-mail, Skype chat, mobile phone, and on the office direct inline number. Each week we will have a project review and update meeting with you. And end of each day the project manager will update you with the project status over an e-mail. We are serious about our processes, as they ensure we deliver on the agreed turn-around time for each milestone and overall project.

2. What would be the turnaround time?

A. The turnaround time depends on the project. Based on the project details and requirements we calculate the timeline for project completion. We can also work on short deadlines if required. We will send you the estimated timeline over an e-mail before the project kick starts.

3.Do you follow your own CAD standards or those prescribed by us?

A. We are well organized AIA standards. If you have a set of standards to be followed we quickly align our deliverables to it. However, in case there are no set standards given by you, we use our standards to ensure the deliverables are compatible to your local government rules and regulations.

4.What about security of data?

A. We are very serious about information security. We maintain a strict confidentiality agreement with our employees. All project related information is only shared with the team which is going to work on that specific project. The FTP site is a Verisign secure site. Our systems are controlled under firewall protection, so that the data is securely maintained under our admin control.

5.How do you guarantee high quality drawings?

A. Our quality process and the execution of the project go hand in hand. At the beginning of the project, we create a check list with the list of information given/needed for the project and share it with the client so that the team can understand what to deliver and the client can expect what to receive.

Our team manager prepare checklist for every new project and our drafter’s straightly follow the checklist. Once the project is been executed a quality checker will go through the requirement sheet and the finished project to make sure the requirements are met and all the standards are kept.

The first stages of checking under drafter (self QC), then the files, checking under team lead (final QC). At this stage team lead fine any issues / errors then the project send back to the drafter and drafter start the again the first step.

6.Do we give sample project for checking your quality?

A. It depends which mode is easy to access by the client. It could range from FTP or e- mail.

7.How many workstations and staff are committed to CAD? Of the 200 projects you mentioned in your materials how many have been CAD focused?

A. We have 20 persons in CADD department and all of them are well qualified in different engineering fields like Architectural, Civil, Mechanical, Structural, etc. The junior team members have an average experience of 3-5 years in AutoCAD and related tools. The seniors have 10 to 15 years' experience in the consulting field.

8.What are the possibilities of our meeting with your Team manager/Team leads?

A. Yes, you are always welcome to meet our Team manager/Team Leads at any time of our office hours.


1. Quality

• High quality deliverable to the highest International Standards

• Established work process and procedures

2. Manpower

• Services from qualified and experienced Architects

• Experience of working on International Projects

• Flexible project cost options – fixed monthly price OR hourly price

• Ability to handle small to large and complex projects

• Dedicated Team for the Projects

• Above 98% accuracy

• Work with any format


3.Cost Reduction

• Utilization of offshore High quality and low cost resource that can result in Cost saving of more than 50%

• Client side reduction in requirement of Infrastructure, office space, software and hardware ensuring further reduction in overall operating cost and increase in profits

• Client can utilize high cost in-house manpower for core design capabilities and business expansion

4. Reliability

• Established reliable partner to provide World class service of highest International Standards to our clients

• Built reputation over years to complete the Projects on time and within budget

• Assured High Quality, Commitment and Confidentiality of services provided


Address : 21-205, Balaji Nagar, Kukatpally
Hyderabad - 500072, Telangana, India click here
Office Landline : 040 - 4017 8657
Cell Number : + 91 996 624 4402     
Director : Mr. Ravi Kumar
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